Recommended Age for Use
Cosie Covers are designed for children ages 2 and up who are ready to be in an adult bed with a bed rail. Children need to be age ready and already be accustomed to sleeping with a blanket and pillow. Every child is different at every age and stage.  If your child is not capable of pulling a blanket away from their face or capable of rolling over by themselves, Cosie Covers should NOT be used.
Can Cosie Covers Be Used On a Crib or Toddler Bed Rail?
What size Cosie Cover Should I Buy Small or Large?
The Small Cosie Cover is designed to fit swing down rectangular bed rails that are anywhere in size from 42-43 inches long and 18-20 inches in height
The Large Cosie Cover is designed to fit swing down rectangular bed rails 54-56 inches long and 20-21 inches in height
What Types of Bed Rails Will Cosie Covers Fit?
Cosie Covers are designed to fit rectangular swing down bed rails.  Cosie Covers is NOT affiliated with any bed rail manufacturers.
How To Tell Which Type of Bed Rail You Own, Swing Down or Hideaway?
A swing down bed rail will do just that, swing down ONLY for ease of changing bedding etc.
A hideaway bed rail will also swing down but can also slide underneath the mattress to remain hidden.
Will Cosie Covers Fit Hideaway Bed rails?
Cosie Covers WILL fit over a hideaway bed rail and remain secure, but may not fasten underneath the bottom bar. Approximately 2 inches at the base of the bed rail will remain exposed. It doesn’t cover the entire bed rail like it will the swing down
What Fabric is Cosie Covers Made From?
Cosie Covers are made from ultra soft 100% polyester. The fleece lining is also 100% polyester.
Are Cosie Covers Machine Washable?
Yes. Read care instructions on label for proper handling.
Instructions for Use:
Always follow the recommended instructions provided by your particular bed rail manufacturer. DO NOT alter in any way the instructions provided by the bed rail manufacturer. DO NOT REMOVE the mesh cover on the bed rail. 
First, swing down the bed rail so it is now NOT locked in its upright position. This will make it easier to slide on the Cover. Make sure the pocket is on the inside of the bed and the base of the Cover is not folded under.  Slide one corner over the bed rail and then slide over the other corner. With the Cosie Cover now on the bed rail start pulling it down evenly on both sides making sure the seam is aligned with the top and sides of the bed rail stopping just before the Cover reaches the hinges that lock bed rail place. Now you can lift the bed rail back to its original locked upright position. If the Cover is blocking these hinges it will NOT lock into its secure upright position. With the bed rail now securely locked, continue pulling the Cover down all the way to the base of the bed rail. Once the Cover is pulled down completely, take the soft fasteners from the front of the Cover and wrap them under the bar and affix them to the rough fasteners on the inside panel at the base of the Cover so they adhere. This will cover the bottom bar of the bed rail.  If you need to swing down the bed rail to change your child’s bedding unfasten the loops at the base and pull both sides of the Cosie Cover just above the bed rail locks on both sides to allow them to unlock properly and prevent your Cosie Cover from getting stuck. You do not need to completely remove the Cosie Cover. 
 Cosie Covers should remain on the bed rail at all times to prevent risk of suffocation or strangulation. Always make sure to check and see that this product is properly secured to the bed rail following instructions for use. It should remain pulled down all the way over the bed rail and fastened at all times to ensure safety. Do NOT let child sleep with Cosie Cover if it is not properly secured to the bed rail.
Unanswered Questions:
If your question hasn’t been answered please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.