Our Story

As the mother of two beautiful little girls, I took a lot of pride in what their rooms looked like! I spent a lot of time decorating their rooms to princess perfection. When my oldest daughter transitioned from her crib into her “big kid” bed we bought a bed rail to keep her safe. For years I stared at her UGLY bed rail! Then one day, as we were reading books in her bed I thought “Hmmm, I wonder if there is anything out there that will cover up this eyesore,” but it didn’t exist! That is how the Cosie Covers journey began!


First, it was just a cover, a beautiful cover, that was soft and had an inside pocket for her books and toys.  She loved it! And so did thousands of other kids AND their parents did too! I kept getting emails though, asking if it came with the bed rail, which at the time the cover did not. With safety being the highest priority I set out to create a bed rail that would not only keep my children safe in their beds at night, but one that would keep ALL kids safe. Now, we not only have a bed rail that is safe, but one that is also stylish!


From our family to yours, we wish you a COSIE night’s sleep!

Never stop dreaming,

Cori Sinclair CEO | Creator